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Stained Glass:
The process of creating stained glass projects remains the same whether creating traditional church windows or small cheery sun catchers. Using coloured art glass, glass pieces are cut, ground and soldered together to form beautiful, as well as functional, designs.

Fused Glass:
Fused glass pieces are created from art glass using a two-step firing process in a kiln to first melt or fuse the glass layers together and secondly, to shape the plate by gently slumping into a mold. This process results in the lovely sheen and delicate appearance characteristic of fused glass.

Mosaic Glass:
This technique of mosaic involves assembling small pieces of coloured glass into a design to create interesting pictures on a clear glass background or on any type of functional base. Using this method, one can make garden stepping-stones that can be incorporated into walkways and borders, or even garden tables.

Coloured art glass can be embellished with designs etched in by sandblasting. Using specialized photo-resist film, it is possible to etch or carve finely detailed images and to customize the designs.